Local Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the Paterson Golf Club Committee. Current Local Rules & provisions for competitions will be published on the whiteboard within the clubhouse prior to play. 

    • G.U.R Fairways & Greens (bare areas)
    • New work on 4th / 13th Mulch / Seedlings G.U.R
    • G.U.R Through the Green (stoney surfaces)
    • Protective Screens - relief is allowed including line of sight
      • Exception: screen on the boundary fence on 2nd / 11th
    • 1 Club Length preferred lies through the green (General Area)
    • Unmarked drains are considered to be under construction & are to be treated as G.U.R
    • Players may practice putting on 9th / 18th green when starting times are under 2 hours
    • Where usage of golf carts is permitted; please observe & follow course signage at all times (unless otherwise advised)
    • Temporary Local Rule
      • Due to the abnormal course conditions embedded or balls deemed to be lost in wet areas may be dropped by the Player without penalty where the ball entered the wet area.
      • The Player & Playing Marker must agree that the ball entered the wet area & confirm the ball is lost prior to the ball being dropped.